1. Financial Obligations
    1. All wrestlers are to sign up with Chatfield Wrestling Club and pay according to the fee schedule to participate in wrestling practices.
    2. Should a wrestler choose to participate in a tournament, you are responsible for signing up and paying for those tournament fees. Generally $16-$20 per tournament.
    3. You are encouraged to have shoes, headgear and a singlet at your own cost.
    4. If needed, ask about our gear swap.  We generally have donated shoes, headgear and sometimes Singlets that can be swapped or purchased.
    1. Chatfield Wrestling Club requires minimal parent participation.  Committees will be formed as needed during parent meetings.  Your input is always valuable.
    2. Chatfield Youth Wrestling hosts one tournament per year. Each family is requested to volunteer for one opportunity during the tournament.
      1. Money raised for our tournament supports travel team, and team gear.
    3. Each Sunday Tournament, Our club will help manage a table with scoring and working with a referee.  A sign up genius will be sent out to help with tables.  This is a great way to pass time during the tournament, get in free and get mat side.