1. How do you sign up for tournaments?
    1. For WSWL & P2PWL Tournaments
      1. Weight in after practice (Thursday Nights)
      2. Pay Coaches at weigh in/PayPal
      3. Show up on Sat. or Sun. 40 min early for their Division
  2. The team will post the tournaments we participate in together, but you may participate in any tournament that fits within your schedule.
  3. Coaches will decide what level your wrestler is eligible for at tournaments (Beginner, Intermediate, Advance)
  4. If you don’t understand how wrestling is scored, a helpful web site is www.usyw.org
  5. As a parent, please:
    1. Remember that you are a representative of your community and our wrestling group when you are at tournaments.
    2. Support your athlete's efforts positively.  Let your coach be the coach- you don’t need to.
    3. Be there biggest fan and focus on positive reinforcement, if your wrestler only did one thing right in a match, only talk about that one thing.
    4. Treat all coaching and officiating personnel with courtesy and respect.
    5. Promote and model mature and sportsmanlike behavior at all events.
    6. Talk to the Coaches with questions before talking to Referee’s
  6. Are tournaments mandatory?
    1. Competition allows a wrestler to see the progress they are making.  Seeing improvement is very important in keeping the athlete motivated and interested.  Tournaments, however, are not mandatory.
    2. If this is your first year of wrestling, you may want discuss with the coaches prior to entering their first tournament.  Certain tournaments are better than others for beginners.
  7. What are some general things I should know about attending tournaments?
    1. The club does not provide transportation to/from tournaments; however, many parents are willing to help get a wrestler to a meet, as long as it is the exception, not the rule. 
    2. We do encourage families to sit together and support all Chatfield Wrestlers.  The average match time is 3-5 minutes, if they get 4 matches that day that is at most 20 minutes wrestling and the other 3-4 hours hanging out.  Sitting together helps the kids pass the time and build important relationships.
    3. Before the tournament, be sure that your wrestler:
      1. Had nutritious meals and a good night’s sleep.
      2. Has their wrestling gear including headgear, shoes and singlet. 
  8. What to Bring
    1. Wrestling shoes
    2. Singlet
    3. Headgear
    4. Sweatshirt/extra clothes to wear in between matches.
    5. A water bottle and nutritious snack.
    6. Most tournaments have concessions to purchase.
  9. During the tournament:
    1. Wrestlers should stay in the area with their team.
    2. Wrestler are responsible for  getting to the mat at the start of his/her match
    3. Wrestlers should congratulate the opponent and their coach with a handshake after the match.
    4. Many kids play I-Pads/Tablets during their wait, while this is a good way to pass time please make sure they are not playing tablets/games 10-15 minutes before their matches.  They will not perform well if they are not focused and ready.