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Chatfield Wrestling Club has a full schedule of practices and work outs through out the year.  While we do have a large number of wrestlers that come and go based on the traditional wrestling season, we also have a large number of wrestlers who train all year long.  

  • Monthly registration is our typical membership - $120/month ($110 when enrolled in King Soopers community Rewards).  This is for wrestlers planning on beginning prior to or continuing beyond the Fall - Winter Season Dates. For our high school and advanced wrestlers this also includes weight training in our Strength & Conditioning class separate from our wrestling practices. 
  • Fall - Winter Season - ($290 per wrester, 50% Discount for Siblings).  This registration is typically from Mid November to end of February, or at completion of the Youth State Tournament.  $40 Registration Fee is additional unless enrolled in King Soopers Community Rewards. 
    • 2023/2024 Winter Season is 11/6/2023 - 2/26/2023

Chatfield Wrestling Club Registration

Get Registered:

  • Monthly Payment Form - Note - The Payment form defaults to 2 wrestlers, be sure the change the 'Additional Wrestlers' drop down to '0' (Zero) if you registering  only 1 wrestler. 
  • Fall - Winter Payment Form 11/6/2023 - 2/26/2023

If you have signed up your King Soopers Shopping Card, in their Community Rewards program for Chatfield Wrestling Club, you will receive a discount of $10/month or waived Registration Fee for Fall/Winter Season and further help support the Club, just use the Code 'Soopers' at Check out. 

Manage Your Account

Use the following link to Manage your account, review invoices and change payment methods.